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1966-1967 Ford Bronco Center Floor Panel Brace

$168.95 $20.00

1966-1967 Ford Bronco Center Floor Panel Brace


$168.95 $20.00

1966-1967 Ford Bronco Center Floor Panel  Brace


1966-1967 Ford Bronco Center Brace by Golden Star Auto. If your old center brace is rusted or damaged, we are proud to offer a Golden Star Classic Auto Parts designed replacement!


  • Backed by a limited warranty



      • 1966, 1967




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      Over the years your original center brace gets rusty, dented, cracked or scratched. Many parts, especially on classic vehicles, take the most beating from rain, road salt, dirt, debris, and time that eventually cause some areas to be completely rusted through.


      Golden Star Auto has a quality designed center brace for your FORD BRONCO at the price you want!