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Replacement Doors

Replacement Doors


Doors are an essential part of your vehicle.  They protect the passengers inside, as well as ensure a comfortable ride for everyone inside.  Doors come in different shapes, sizes and types.  Whether you are restoring your vehicle or repairing some damage, Golden Star Auto has the right door for you at the price you want. 


The doors of your vehicle contain a lot of important parts.  Those parts include: Exterior Door, Door Handles, Window, Motors, Molding, Hinges, Seals, Weatherstripping, Pillar, and the Door Panel.  It is important to know what you need before you begin your project.  Our professionals at Golden Star Auto can help you choose the right parts.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 


Golden Star Auto is proud to offer OEM factory style doors and parts for your vehicle.  Whether you are repairing damage from an accident or restoring a classic car, Golden Star Auto has you covered. Our extensive inventory includes parts for all the top manufacturers, such as Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Chevy and Toyota.  All of our parts are manufactured using only top-quality materials.



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